Roy Sasson

Roy Sasson
Chief Data Scientist, Outbrain

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Roy Sasson is Outbrain’s Chief Data Scientist. His research focuses on the construction of predictive models and metrics for Outbrain’s recommendation system. Roy’s academic background includes a PhD in Applied Econometrics at Tel-Aviv University, where he has been teaching Econometrics since 2008. His academic research focused on gaining insights and predictions from data concerning the behavior of individuals, firms and managers. Prior to joining Outbrain, Roy served as the R&D group lead (Asia Branch) at Visual Domains.


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Roy Sasson (Outbrain)
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Outbrain serves 150 billion content recommendations to more than 500 million monthly users. Data tells us what’s driving the mindset of the crowed. But how do you analyze if the individual user finds value in recommendations? Why being satisfied with click-focused-metrics is dangerous for growth? We outline a 3-layer framework for Data Scientists to analyze user engagement, facing such challenges. Read more.