Garry Turkington
CTO, Improve Digital


Garry Turkington joined Improve Digital as VP Data Engineering in 2012 and is now the company CTO. One of his current focuses is in building out the company’s ability to derive more value from its substantial data asset. Prior to Improve Digital he was a Software Development Manager at Amazon where he led teams responsible for systems that process the data in the Amazon retail catalog. Before Amazon he spent over a decade in various government roles with a focus on large-scale distributed systems.
He has Ph.D and BSc degrees in Computer Science from the Queens University of Belfast in N.Ireland and a MEng in Systems Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken New Jersey, USA.


Hadoop Platform
Location: 114
Garry Turkington (Improve Digital), Gabriele Modena (Improve Digital)
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Improve Digital is an ad tech company with large data volumes. This talk will explore our learnings from enhancing our established batch infrastructure with streaming near-realtime capabilities. In addition to discussing the impact on our architecture we will also describe how the work changed our approach to data lifecycle management. Read more.