Melissa  Santos

Melissa Santos
Data Scientist, Big Cartel


Melissa Santos has over a decade of experience with all parts of the data pipeline from ETLs to modeling. At Etsy, her role includes teaching both engineers and non-technical people how to get the data they need. She has a PhD. in Applied Math and runs the blog .


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Melissa Santos (Big Cartel)
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By having understandable abstractions for important data objects, Etsy has enabled employees across the whole company to actively take part in the collection and analysis of data. Converting data to objects allows us to more naturally convert analysis questions into code, and enforce business rules and definitions consistently. Read more.
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Melissa Santos (Big Cartel)
Melissa can answer questions about any part of the data pipeline, from ETLs to modeling. She’s particularly talented at translating hard-core data science into plain English, so talk to her if you’re trying to build data communities, in and outside of your company. Or want to make your data tools available to even the most unexpected people you work with. Read more.