Konstantin Shvachko

Konstantin Shvachko
Chief Architect, WANdisco

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Konstantin Shvachko, Chief Architect of WANdisco is a veteran Hadoop developer and well-respected industry author and speaker. A technical expert specializing in efficient data structures and algorithms for large-scale distributed storage systems, Konstantin joined WANdisco through the acquisition of AltoStor, a Hadoop-as-a-Service platform company, and prior to AltoStor, he was founder and Chief Scientist at AltoScale, a Hadoop and HBase-as-a-Platform company acquired by VertiCloud. Before AltoScale, Konstantin played a lead architectural role at eBay, building two generations of the organization’s Hadoop platform. Prior to eBay, as Principal Hadoop SE at Yahoo!, he worked on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). He has dozens of publications and presentations to his credit include those in the fields of Big Data Storage, Distributed Computing, Algorithms, Computational Complexity, and more. He is currently a member of the Apache Hadoop PMC. Konstantin has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and M.S. in Mathematics from Moscow State University, Russia.


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Konstantin Shvachko (WANdisco)
This presentation addresses the geographic scalability of HDFS. It describes unique techniques implemented at WANdisco, which allow scaling HDFS over multiple geographically distributed data centers for continuous availability. . . Read more.