Simon Worgan

Simon Worgan
Lead Data Scientist, Jagex Ltd

Simon Worgan is the Senior Data Scientist at Jagex Games Studio. In this role he has applied his machine learning expertise to a variety of challenges within the games industry, these include in-game sentiment analysis, behavioural player clustering and predictive modelling. With a Computer Science Ph.D. from the University of Southampton he has over 6 years’ experience in the real world application of Data Science.


Data Science
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Simon Worgan (Jagex Ltd), Samuel Kerrien (RESEREC)
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We will detail the development of a bi-directional event stream recommendation system in RuneScape, a massively multiplayer online game. By capturing a feature rich relationship between player and content we were able to train different 'flavours' of recommendation. Delivered in real-time these 'flavours' balance engagement, monetisation and enjoyment according to shifting business needs. Read more.