Sameer Farooqui

Sameer Farooqui
Client Services Engineer, Databricks

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Sameer is a Client Services Engineer at Databricks, where he works with customers on Apache Spark deployments. He has deep industry expertise in the Hadoop, Cassandra and general NoSQL domain. For the past six years, he has deployed various clustering software packages internationally to clients including fortune 500, governments, hospitals and banks.

In 2013 and 2014, Sameer worked as a freelance big data consultant and trainer globally. In this role, he taught 100+ big data courses and worked on various consulting projects. Sameer is a DataStax authorized training partner and a Couchbase authorized training partner.

Before that he was a Systems Architect at Hortonworks where he specialized in designing Hadoop prototypes and Proof-of-Concept use cases. While at Hortonworks, Sameer also taught Hadoop Developer’s classes and visited various customers as a sales engineer to brainstorm use cases. The core Hadoop products he specializes in are HDFS, MapReduce, HCatalog, Pig, Hive, HBase and Zookeeper.

Previously, Sameer worked at Accenture’s Silicon Valley R&D lab where he was responsible for studying NoSQL databases, Cloud Computing and MapReduce for their commercial applicability to emerging big data problems. At Accenture Tech Labs, Sameer was the lead engineer for creating a 32-node prototype using Cassandra and AWS to host 10 TB of Smart Grid data. He also worked on a 30+ person team in the design phase of a multi-environment Hadoop cluster pilot project at NetApp.

Before Hortonworks and Accenture, Sameer spent five years at Symantec where he deployed Veritas Clustering and Storage Foundation solutions (VCS, VVR, SF-HA) to Fortune 500 and government clients throughout North America.


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Paco Nathan (, Aaron Davidson (Databricks), Sameer Farooqui (Databricks), Hossein Falaki (Databricks Inc.), Alex Sicoe (Elsevier), Olivier Girardot (Lateral Thoughts)
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