What's the Big Deal About City Data?

Francine Bennett (Mastodon C)
Location: 211-212
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Exploiting big data and analytics through the whole organisation is now business as usual for retail and online businesses.
But cities and buildings also create a whole lot of data, which could change lives for better or for worse.
This talk explores what’s happening right now in big data and analytics for cities and buildings, where it might head, and what we might want from it all.

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Francine Bennett

Mastodon C

Francine Bennett is a data scientist and the CEO and cofounder of Mastodon C, a group of Agile big data specialists who offer the open source Hadoop-powered technology and the technical and analytical skills to help organizations to realize the potential of their data. Before founding Mastodon C, Francine spent a number of years working on big data analysis for search engines, helping them to turn lots of data into even more money. She enjoys good coffee, running, sleeping as much as possible, and exploring large datasets.