Analytics 3.0

Rod Smith (IBM Emerging Internet Technologies )
Location: 118-119
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Analytics 3.0 is all about exploiting big data for just-in-time results to impact business outcomes. But what’s really changing? First, it’s new tools & application enabling tech savvy business leaders to collaborate alongside data scientists & solution developers. Notebook IDEs are emerging as an Interactive solution to turn insight exploration into new business opportunities. Second, the evolution of data-analytic engines that bring together a unified programming model across data-at-rest & data-in-motion – potentially significantly reducing the unnecessary complexity overhead of legacy BI approaches. Rod will set the business context for new solutions that will exploit analytics, emerging technologies showing strong promise – and as always a high wire act of early demo’s of IBM ET’s work in this area. Please join us in the discussion.

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Rod Smith

IBM Emerging Internet Technologies

Rod Smith is an IBM fellow & Vice President of the IBM Emerging Internet Technologies organization, where he leads a team of highly technical innovators in seeking out disruptive technologies that aid businesses in future waves of business opportunities. As an IBM Fellow, Rod is closely involved with future IBM’s strategic planning & initiatives.

Throughout his career, Rod has moved the industry and led IBM to a rapid adoption of technologies, such as Web services, XML, Linux, J2EE & big data & analytics and most recently cloud computing around the evolution of platform as a service.