How Big Data is Redefining Banking

Ankit Tharwani (Barclays UK)
Hadoop Platform
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Big Data Technologies have become a fad in the industry and big organizations are keen to ride the wave. But not many have succeeded in leveraging the true potential of big data. The challenges faced are not only technological but also change management.

At Barclays, we have succeeded to build some initial info-led propositions based on terabytes of data being analyzed in seconds. The challenges of bringing together structured and unstructured data were overcome by employing innovative solutions. The speaker has delivered an intelligent big data proposition and the first of big data capability for the bank by cutting across layers and bringing together platforms across Barclays. He would talk of his journey of migrating from legacy tools to leverage the infinite potential of cutting-edge technologies to open doors to new use cases. The speaker would also talk about how the strategic data landscape is evolving to make way for the likes of Hadoop and the technology vision for the bank.

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Ankit Tharwani

Barclays UK

Ankit Tharwani is Proposition Manager, Information Business, Personal and Corporate Banking, at Barclays Bank PLC.