Hadoop and Pediatric Healthcare: Bedside Vitals and Better Babies

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In 2013, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in the US treated 6200 patients in its ICUs. Pediatric ICU length-of-stay often reaches months and can stretch to a year or more. During these stays, patient vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate are continuously monitored by a sensor array at the bedside. These sensors produce vast amounts of clinically significant data which could not be stored or analyzed for more than 3 days using legacy technologies.

To meet the growing demand for this data, Children’s IT chose Hadoop as the solution platform. The goal was to capture, store and analyze bedside vital sign data and make it available for use by clinicians to improve patient outcomes. The organization also wanted to provide alerts to the patient’s team of clinicians. Using the Hadoop ecosystem including Flume, Spark, Sqoop, Impala and Hive, Children’s successfully integrated sensor data streams into its existing technology stack. This enabled post-hoc analysis of procedure-induced physiological changes and near-real-time availability of sensor data to clinicians.

In this presentation, Tod Davis, Manager of BI and Data Warehousing for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, will discuss the data management and integration solutions used when integrating sensor data with Children’s Oracle enterprise data warehouse. Children’s was awarded a 2014 Cloudera Data Impact Award for this work.

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Tod Davis is the Manager of BI and Data Warehousing for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, a leading pediatric healthcare facility in the US. In his 17 years at Children’s, Tod has implemented web and database solutions using a variety of technology platforms. Most recently, Tod has been charged with new technology research and implementations, beginning with Apache Hadoop.