From BI to Big Data at Solocal

Abed Ajraou (Solocal)
Hadoop Platform
Location: 114
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Is Big Data the next stage of the BI? Is Hadoop the next data warehouse? Is it possible to design a new vision of BI with this open-source framework? Solocal, the company behind (the “Yellow Pages” of France), believe the answer to these questions is “yes”.

Solocal recently put Big Data and Hadoop into action to replace its traditional BI infrastructure. In this session you will get a description of this digital transformation, get an overview of Solocal’s new Data Architecture Model, learn how the model was designed and deployed, and hear the lessons learned.

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Abed Ajraou


Abed Ajraou is the Director of the BI & Big Data in Solocal Group (YellowPages in France). He also Professor of BI in University in Paris. He is the VP Education for DAMA France and he is an author in media.