What is a Data Lake, Anyway?

Martin Willcox (Teradata)
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Drinking from the data lake is tempting, but what is it really? How did we get here, and what lessons can we learn from previous technologies? It’s tempting to see this as the solution to data silos, but what are the costs? Martin Willcox provides a practical guide to help you understand the realities…

Martin Willcox


Martin Willcox’s career in IT spans 18 years, 5 organizations and more roles than he cares to remember. In his current role, Martin leads Teradata’s International Big Data CoE – a team of Data Scientists and Technology Consultants charged with helping customers realise value from their data assets and for articulating Teradata’s Big Data strategy and the nature, value and differentiation of relevant Teradata technology and solution offerings to International customers, prospects, partners, 3rd party influencers and the media.

Martin is a “poacher-turned-gamekeeper”, having been a Teradata customer for several years at Co-operative Retail before joining Teradata as an Enterprise Architecture consultant in Autumn 2004.

Martin holds a BSc (Hons) in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Sheffield and a Postgraduate Certificate in Computing for Commerce and Industry from the Open University. Married with three children and a lapsed supporter of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, Martin is also a trainee glider pilot, a terrible guitarist and an only slightly better Python programmer.