Data Driven Design at F1 Speed

Geoff McGrath (McLaren Applied Technologies)
Location: 211-212
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McLaren Applied Technologies capitalises on the convergence of real-time data management, predictive analytics and simulation to produce high performance design of products and processes. In this talk we will describe how the approach of data-driven design can transform the way we go about creating and using products that are intrinsically intelligent and capable of adaptation Examples will be drawn from health, energy, transport and consumer goods markets.

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Geoff McGrath

McLaren Applied Technologies

Geoff McGrath trained as a mechanical engineer, initially working in aeronautical, civil, chemical, petroleum and mechanical engineering. Gaining experience in all aspects of the field, from conceptual engineering through to business development for start-up and blue-chip firms alike, he later switched focus to the world of telecoms, media and entertainment.

In 2009, he became the managing director of McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT) and has brought more than 20 years’ experience to bear on the company’s innovative and dynamic approach to pursuing groundbreaking conceptual design, development and engineering.

He is currently focused on developing and applying MAT’s specialist capabilities to a diverse range of subjects in the world of sports, health and wellbeing and strategic operations.