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Sebastian Gutierrez (DashingD3js.com)
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Many organizations are turning to Data Visualization to communicate insights about data. D3 is an award-winning data-visualization library that has gained considerable adoption amongst these organizations. It uses data to drive the creation and control of dynamic and interactive visualizations that range from simple charts to sophisticated animated data visualizations, general HTML layouts, and geographic projections.

This hands-on tutorial will allow attendees to master the D3 essentials to make the climb of D3’s steep learning curve easier. We’ll look at examples to illustrate how to load, clean, and wrangle data to produce visualizations.

All Attendees need a laptop with Chrome browser installed, a text editor and Python (2.7+ or 3.x) installed on their Path. Data sets will be provided. Awareness of basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a web browser works will be helpful.

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Sebastian Gutierrez


Sebastian Gutierrez is a data entrepreneur who focuses on data-driven companies. Sebastian founded DashingD3js.com to provide online and corporate training in data visualization and D3.js to a diverse client base, including corporations like the New York Stock Exchange, American Express, Intel, General Dynamics, Salesforce, Thomson Reuters, Oracle, Bloomberg Businessweek, universities, and dozens of startups. More than 1,000 people have attended his live training sessions, and many more have succeeded with his online D3.js training. Sebastian also cofounded DataScienceWeekly.org, which provides news, analysis, and commentary in data science. Its Data Science Weekly newsletter reaches tens of thousands of aspiring and professional data scientists. He is also the author of Data Scientist at Work, a collection of interviews with many of the world’s most influential and interesting data scientists from across the spectrum of public companies, private companies, startups, venture investors, and nonprofits. Sebastian holds a BS in mathematics from MIT and an MA in economics from the University of San Francisco.

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Picture of Sebastian Gutierrez
Sebastian Gutierrez
18-11-2014 16:17 CET

Hi Friends -

Excited to see all of you at the tutorial!

Here is a link to all of the material for the tutorial => http://bit.ly/StrataEU2014-d3-tutorial
(It is a 4.12MB zip file that contains the PDF of the tutorial presentation, the d3 library, and various HTML files we’ll be using during the tutorial)

Thanks and looking forward seeing you there!

All the best,
Sebastian Gutierrez