Doing the Impossible, Almost (A survey of approximation algorithms that make queries vastly faster)

Ted Dunning (MapR, now part of HPE)
Data Science
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Computing various quantities such as medians or the number of unique elements requires a lot of time or a lot of memory or both. It is, however, possible to get really close to the exact answer with much less time and much less memory. Some of these algorithms are much simpler than you might expect. I will describe a selection of these algorithms including some not yet published results.

I will also outline how these algorithms can be applied to practical problems like anomaly detection.

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Ted Dunning

MapR, now part of HPE

Ted Dunning is Chief Application Architect at MapR Technologies and committer and PMC member for the Apache Mahout project. He contributing to the Mahout clustering, classification and matrix decomposition algorithms. He was the chief architect behind the MusicMatch, (now Yahoo Music) and Veoh recommendation systems and built fraud detection systems for ID Analytics.