Resistance is Futile: The Next Generation Big Data Architecture

Jim Scott (NVIDIA)
Hadoop & Beyond
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Apache Mesos, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark + Custom Enterprise Applications: This stack combined is greater than the sum of each of the pieces of this stack. Mesos can manage resources across an entire data center, Hadoop provides a distributed data store and scalable data processing, and Spark delivers great in-memory and disk-based performance of data processing as well as streaming capabilities. Couple all of that with custom enterprise applications, and the data center turns into a well-oiled machine. When combined, this software stack delivers unlimited flexibility for the entire data center.

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Jim Scott


Jim Scott is the cofounder of the Chicago Hadoop Users Group. As a cofounder Jim has helped build the Hadoop community in Chicago for the past 4 years. He has implemented Hadoop in three different companies supporting enterprise use cases from managing Points Of Interest for mapping applications, Online Transactional Processing in advertising, as well as full data center monitoring and general data processing. His work with high-throughput computing at Dow Chemical was a precursor to more standardized big data concepts like Hadoop.