HBase for Architects

nick dimiduk (Hortonworks, Inc)
Hadoop & Beyond
Location: 120-121
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HBase can be an intimidating beast for someone considering its adoption. For what kinds of workloads is it well suited? How does it integrate into the rest of my application infrastructure? What are the data semantics upon which applications can be built? What are the deployment and operational concerns? In this talk, each of these questions are addressed in turn. In order to answer them, the design of HBase must first be explored so as to have some understanding of its critical paths. Supporting evidence is provided through both high-level application architecture and internal system details.

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nick dimiduk

Hortonworks, Inc

Nick is an HBase committer and an author on HBase in Action. He works on the HBase team at Hortonworks where he focuses on usability and performance. Nick got started with HBase in 2008 when his nightly ETL jobs started taking 20+ hours to complete. Since then, he has applied Hadoop and HBase to projects in social media, social gaming, click-stream analysis, climatology, and geographic data.