Open Source Intelligence in Data Journalism

Anne-Lise Bouyer (Journalism++)
Privacy, Law & Ethics
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With The Migrants Files, we showed that you could get front-page news in 10 countries just by structuring data that was already in the open, free for anyone to use.

This open source intelligence methodology has been used for years in state intelligence agencies and – to a lesser extent – in business intelligence. Today, the rise of linked data make it possible for any journalist or analyst to get started with his or her own knowledge base.

Drawing on examples from Journalism++, an agency for datajournalism in Europe with extensive experience in OSINT applied to journalism, and from projects in the US and the Caribbean, this session will show how efficient it can be to start structuring information. WNYC, for instance, recently showed that the city of New York’s counting of accidents had little to do with reality, based on their OSINT data collection efforts.

The session will then go on to show the tools that can be used, from the simple to the more complex, from spreadsheets to triple stores and assess the strength and weaknesses of each solution. It will also make the business case for such methodologies, breaking down data collection and organizational costs and potential revenue streams for journalists as well as analysts.

Anne-Lise Bouyer


Anne-Lise Bouyer is the project manager and the COO of Journalism++, an agency for data-driven stories
After studying computer engineering, she worked 3 years as project manager in a web agency and for

She is a specialist in user experience and committed to applying her skills to innovative journalism. Her technical expertise, her skills in marketing and customer management enable her to have a 360-degree vision on all of the projects of Journalism++.