How to Datafy Your Business

carme artigas (Synergic Partners)
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The presentation will show different examples of business sectors ( industry, services and public administration sectors) where data is becoming the business model and the implications it has in existing businesses. We will see how incumbent telecom providers( such as Telefonica, vodafone) are being challenged by new players( whatssapp) as well as tradtional banks are challenged by paypal. But can traditional business do anything to fight against new players with the same or new weapons? . Data monetization strategies will be explained, linking this with the need of treating data as an economic asset, making data accessible inside and ouside the company boundaries,as well as technical aspects such as “ apification” that are key to exploit data from an economic perspective. In all senses, companies must have their “ data differentiation factor”, that is what type of data they own that are unique and therefore enable them to have a competitive advantage. Legal and confidentiality aspects will also be considered. At the end of the session, attendees will have learned the key aspects and a roadmap on how to make their business a data business.

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carme artigas

Synergic Partners

She has extensive expertise in the telecommunications and IT fields and a broad experience in several executive roles both in Private companies as well as Governmental institutions. Previously, she was the CEO of Ericsson Innova, the venture capital firm of European telecom leader Ericsson. In the Government sector she has been CEO of Catalonia Open Administration Consortium, she having the responsibility to design and implement the e-government strategy for Catalonia Region. She has also broad experience as Board Member in more than 10 technology companies and has also had several sits as Board Advisor in relevant governmental institutions.