Model Workers: How leading companies are securing and creating value from their data talent

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The presentation answers the following questions:

-What are the data analysis skills needs of leading businesses?
-How do these companies find, manage and retain top data talent?
-What are best-performing management practices, in terms of their impact on a company’s financial performance?
-How do policy and education need to change to improve the supply of data talent?

The presentation is based on a programme of research that Nesta (The UK Innovation Foundation) is running in partnership with The Royal Statistical Society and Creative Skillset. It uses qualitative data (45 interviews with data scientists, managers of data teams, and HR personnel) and quantitative data (a survey of 400 UK data-driven companies in 6 industries, matched with financial performance data).

Our ultimate goal is to use quantitative methods to generate independent recommendations for managers looking for answers to questions such as:

-How to recruit top data talent in the midst of a crunch in the market data talent?
-How to build effective data teams?
-Where to place data talent within the organisations? Is it better to centralise or to embed?
-How to create spaces for creative experimentation with big data while avoiding the risk of going down analytical rabbit holes?

We also consider what our findings mean for universities who, for the most part, are struggling to stay up to speed with industry needs, and policymakers who want to make sure that businesses can access the talent they need to grow in the midst of the big data revolution.

Photo of Juan Mateos Garcia

Juan Mateos Garcia


Juan is Economics Research Fellow at Nesta, the UK Innovation Foundation.

Juan’s job is to create knowledge to inform better decisions driving innovation and growth in the UK’s creative and digital economy.

Juan has 15 years of experience using a range of methods and data sources (structured and unstructured) to understand the cutting edge of innovation practice, and its implications.

Juan is currently working on a project that looks at the skills implications of the data revolution, in partnership with the Royal Statistical Society and Creative Skillset.

Juan is an economist with an MSc on Science and Technology Policy from the University of Sussex.