Data Governance for Regulated Industries

Amir Halfon (ScalingData)
Business & Industry
Location: 212

Securely and cost-effectively managing petabytes of data from siloed systems is both a threat and opportunity for banking, healthcare, and other organizations in highly regulated industries. Technology advancements and the changing economics of storage and compute have made it possible to leverage this data to do more far-reaching and sophisticated analysis. However, sweeping changes to privacy and transparency laws have heightened the importance of data governance.

In this session we will examine best practices around the use of Big Data technologies as part of a regulated environment, including retention, provenance, privacy, and security. Drawn from production projects impacted by Dodd-Frank, Basel III, and FATCA, we will illustrate architecture and governance policies across real-time operational and long-tail historical data.

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Amir Halfon


Amir Halfon is the Director of Product at ScalingData, focusing on high volume machine data analytics at the intersection of Big Data and IT operations.

Before joining ScalingData, Amir was Chief Technologist for Financial Services at MarkLogic, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and contributed to several publications.