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Immerse yourself in the world of big data at Strata + Hadoop World.

Explore solutions to your most challenging problems, connect with the brightest minds in data, find out what’s new in emerging technologies and Apache Hadoop—and see for yourself what data can do.

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Paco Nathan commented on Apache Spark: Ask Us Anything
Hi Avusherla, Best to direct these kinds of questions to <> email list, where there are many people who can join the discussion:

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bharath kumar commented on Apache Spark: Ask Us Anything
I have a question regarding SPARK. Few days back I have tried SPARK on my system and it is working fine. Now I want to install SPARK cluster on Hadoop Multinode Cluster. So do i need to install SPARK on... Read More.

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Tutorials, sessions, and keynotes were recorded and the video compilation is now available for purchase.

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New: Developer Certification for Apache Spark

The first Developer Certification for Apache Spark takes place at Strata + Hadoop World in Barcelona on Thursday, 20 November. Find out more.

"As an event it is almost perfect for me; a group of like-minded interested people come together and enjoy deep and meaningful conversations about the industry."

–previous attendee

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Five Reasons to Attend Strata + Hadoop World

  1. Immerse yourself in the data community.
    At Strata + Hadoop World, you'll have a chance to connect with the best and most original minds in data. The people you meet may turn to out to be the most valuable connections in your career. You'll witness, first hand, the "Hallway Track"—where Silicon Valley tech pioneers and European policy makers, data scientists and business leaders across a wide range of industries will share ideas and brainstorm new approaches to old problems.
  2. Save time and avoid pitfalls in your data projects.
    You'll dissect detailed data case studies from companies like Google, Datarella, and Statistics Netherlands. You'll learn what worked (and what didn't) for people who faced the same data challenges you face. You'll shave hours or days of tedious trial-and-error from your most challenging data projects.
  3. Solidify your job skills.
    Your time at Strata + Hadoop World will give you a whole new perspective on data. You'll learn new techniques, time-saving tips, and technologies. You'll come away from the conference with plenty of ideas you can use immediately to streamline your work and insure success.
  4. Get solutions to your biggest challenges that you can apply today.
    Make a list of your biggest headaches—and then compare it to the conference agenda. Odds are, the solutions await you. From real-time data processing to Spark, fraud detection to distributed computing, it's all covered at Strata + Hadoop World.
  5. Map out your future.
    You'll be among the first to hear about the latest research, best practices, technologies, and analytic approaches. You'll meet the start-ups that will revolutionize the industry, and you'll hear from data's brightest minds where data is going--and how to get there from here.