Schedule: Sponsored sessions

Location: King's Suite
Duncan Ross (TES Global)
Average rating: ***..
(3.73, 26 ratings)
Big data has proved it's worth in a number of industries, but it's not the size or the storage that is making the difference. The organisations that are delivering most value are the ones that have realised the need to drive analytics into the heart of their decision making process. Read more.
Location: Westminster
Michael Hausenblas (Red Hat)
Average rating: ****.
(4.33, 6 ratings)
I will discuss and showcase polyglot persistence and the lambda architecture. Based on real-world examples and case studies from our customer base and the wider community of practitioners, incl. the financial, energy & media industries and the realm of public data sources (government data), we will elaborate on opportunities and challenges of these new data management and processing memes. Read more.
Location: Westminster
Steven Totman (Syncsort), Matt Brandwein (Cloudera)
Average rating: **...
(2.20, 5 ratings)
Mainframe is Big Data too! Leveraging it in Hadoop creates a remarkable competitive advantage, but exploiting it without the right tools is nearly impossible, requiring you to wrestle with thousands of lines of Java, Pig, Hive, COBOL and more. This session presents a smarter way to ingest and process mainframe data in Hadoop, and how to bridge the technical, skill and cost gaps between the two. Read more.
Location: Westminster
Brian Knox (Talksum, Inc.)
Average rating: **...
(2.67, 3 ratings)
In the era of M2M Communication and the Internet of Things on top of traditional 3V's of Big Data - Volume, Variety and Velocity we need to be able to process ephemeral data produced by dispersed sources which needs to be organized and distributed to multiple services. Real-time response, security, compliancy, compatibility, breaking silos - require new approaches to data management. Read more.
Location: Westminster
Christopher Hillman (Teradata)
Average rating: ***..
(3.71, 7 ratings)
In this presentation Chris will look at seven Map Reduce techniques that he enjoys playing with – the bits that are fun, exciting, and that can provide valuable insight into your big data. With examples of code (and where you can look for it) for web, image and text processing he'll show things that can quickly allow you to extend your analysis beyond traditional data mining. Read more.
Location: Westminster
Brett Sheppard (Splunk)
Average rating: *....
(1.83, 6 ratings)
How can business and IT users easily explore, analyse and visualise data in Hadoop? Learn about alternatives to manually writing jobs or setting up predefined schemas and how a leading enterprise used Splunk and their Hadoop distribution to empower them with new access to Hadoop data. See how they got up and running in under an hour and enabled their developers to start writing big data apps. Read more.
Location: Westminster
Marco Bressan (BBVA), Carme Artigas (Synergic Partners)
Average rating: ****.
(4.80, 5 ratings)
The large-scale deployment of a big data strategy in the retail financial services sector poses specific challenges in terms of infrastructure, data limitations, organizational structure and portfolio definition and execution. We will share how we are addressing these challenges as well as selected demos and solutions, with focus on promising new financial product lines enabled by big data. Read more.
Location: Westminster
Marcel Kornacker (Cloudera), Robin Stephenson (Mendeley Ltd)
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 4 ratings)
Attendees will leave this session with a deeper understanding of how organizations are using Hadoop to solve real business problems today, and how recent advancements in the Hadoop ecosystem are expanding the platform's capabilities to serve larger enterprise requirements for a virtual EDW. Read more.
Location: Westminster
Andy Cotgreave (Tableau)
How can companies use social and business data together to gain insight? See how Tableau's native Google BigQuery connector links seamlessly to live data in BigQuery and creates interactive visualizations without writing a single line of code. Find out how to share your results on the web and mobile in minutes. Read more.


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