Alastair Dant
Lead Interactive Technologist, Guardian News and Media

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Alastair Dant, Lead Interactive Technologist – Guardian News & Media

Since joining the Guardian, Alastair has played games with the UK budget, created one of Steve Jobs’ favourite iPad apps, visualised the Wikileaks war logs and played ball with Twitter.

This builds on two decades of tinkering, encompassing early experiments with BASIC, architecting popular kids games and assembling art pieces like the Folk Songs Project.

Having won a few awards for his Guardian work, he’s recently been given the chance to build a small team aimed at pushing the boundaries of interactive news development. This has led to a series of talks and workshops in Europe and the US.


Visualization & Interface
Location: Buckingham Room Level: Intermediate
Irene Ros (Bocoup), Alastair Dant (Guardian News and Media), Alex Graul (Guardian News & Media)
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