Big Data is the New Oil? Oil is the Old Big Data…

Location: Bleinheim Room (Sponsored)
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Exploration and Production (E&P) in the oil and gas industry – identifying and extracting hydrocarbons – has always generated more data than people or more recently computers can assimilate. The need to maintain an accurate model of the subsurface is key to understanding its physical and economic risks and rewards. Monitoring the subsurface requires seismic imaging – multi-million dollar surveys that can easily generate 10-100 TB of data – and a network of sensors around the production infrastructure to report on reservoir behaviour and asset condition.

With E&P activities taking in deep and hazardous marine environments, as well as diverse and remote geographic locations, there is a growing need for high quality data to be assimilated in timeframes approaching the hourly-daily level. The showstopper for the industry to date has been a disconnect between the evolution of business decision support systems on relational databases, and the operational and application silos that geoscientists and engineers have worked in. Integration has often been missing, with little exchange of “good data” or insight beyond highly distilled reports.

Now NoSQL technologies are being combined with scale-out RDBMS architectures to break this deadlock.

This talk presents a perspective of how these competing and complementary technologies can be merged to solve a real world problem that impacts us all. It explores how together they can de-risk decision-making along the whole E&P value chain, shorten time-to-action and enhance investments in existing analytical infrastructure.

This session is sponsored by Teradata

Duncan Irving

Teradata Corporation

Duncan Irving is a geophysicist and has a PhD in geophysics and geotechnical engineering. He has worked on supercomputing and “big data” problems around surface, subsurface and sensor data on many consulting and research projects – in the data centre, in extreme field conditions and more general upstream data management. He drives internal product development of Teradata’s capabilities in upstream E&P and combines broad domain expertise with deep technical hardware and software knowledge.


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