Introduction to Cascalog: Logic Programming for Hadoop

Location: Thames Suite Level: Intermediate
Average rating: ****.
(4.50, 2 ratings)

Cascalog is a data processing library for Clojure. Cascalog mixes functional and logic programming. It makes data processing code very concise, easier to grasp and reason about.

Being just a Clojure library, all of Clojures’ features are just a keystroke away – no need to learn another custom language (like Pig or Hive). This also allows for powerful abstraction and composition capabilities.

Although Hadoop being its major use case, Cascalog can be used for local data crunching as well. The talk will mainly focus on how Cascalog leverages logic programming, but real-life experience with Hadoop clusters will be mixed in as well.

Stefan Hübner


I am a Software Developer for Nokia, Berlin. The team I work for applies data-driven methods to improve Nokia’s Maps Search Engine.


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