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Financial data is gaining traction. And you don’t need to be an investor or a stock broker to know that the world’s markets have a massive impact on our everyday lives. Whether it is the Eurozone crisis or Facebook’s historical Initial Public Offering, financial data and what media organisations make out of them has become crucial.

The question we will raise during this session is how does a financial news organisation like Bloomberg handle data on a daily basis to the point of being rewarded as Best Data Provider and Best News Provider at the Inside Market Data Awards this year.

We will give our audience a grasp of how financial data is processed and used on a daily basis and how Bloomberg News is making the most out of it by developping exciting projects in data journalism and interactive visualizations on all its multimedia platforms.

  • Introduction to Bloomberg L.P. and Bloomberg News
  • Introduction to financial data and the way we process it everyday
  • The many ways in which financial data can be used and is being used
  • Once the data is collected and published to Bloomberg terminal users, what do we do with it?
  • How Bloomberg News handles financial data to produce ground-breaking journalism (with key case studies)
  • How Bloomberg News is nurturing data journalism projects (with examples of failures and success stories) and what we can expect for the future

We hope that by the end of the session members of the audience will have acquired a general understanding of those topics and in some instances some detailed knowledge of how we handle data in our news-making process.

Only a keen interest in financial markets and data journalism would be necessary for this session. We aim at showcasing the process in which we handle data on a daily basis and how our news organisation is working on the future of data journalism so we believe that a non-technical audience keen enough to learn more on the topic would be able to grasp the content tackled in this presentation.

Photo of Marianne Bouchart

Marianne Bouchart

Bloomberg News

Marianne Bouchart is the Web Producer EMEA at Bloomberg News. She also initiates data journalism and interactive visualisation projects within the organisation. As the founder of the Data Journalism Blog, she got involved in different projects such as the Data Journalism Handbook, coordinated by the European Journalism Centre and the Open Knowledge Foundation. She studied journalism at the University of Westminster and City University in London. She started her carreer as a web producer and digital marketing manager for brands ranging from music labels to global consumer brands before launching the Data Journalism Blog in April 2011. The online platform which aims at gathering data journalists, designers, programmers and other data enthusiasts around both aggregated and original content or data projects got her to be shortlisted for the XCity Awards 2012. Marianne is also recognized for the passion and enthusiasm she puts in her presentations and guest speaker appearances at various events and media schools such as City University in London or ESJ in Lille and Paris (France).


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