Transparency Transformed: From Data to Insight

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There are two terms that we can all agree on: transparency and openness. The more public data is, the more likely it is that those who need it can better understand the world and how our actions and policies impact it. But transparency and openness are tricky and transparency of data alone is only the first step in making sure that the insights contained within it are also made transparent. In this talk, I will look at the next step: transparency of insight and how the intelligent transformation of data into narratives can bring to light the stories within it and enable the higher level of understanding and insight needed to support evidence-based decision-making.

Looking at examples from education, transportation safety, and medical reporting, I will contrast the current approaches of data exposure and data analytics with the more innovative, scalable, and effective approach: automatically producing insightful narratives and stories from the data that are indistinguishable from human-level reporting.

I will describe how technology can be used to transform data into narratives that illuminate and inform retrospective analysis of past events and also provide predictive and prospective advice about how to respond to those events and plan for the future.

I will outline how the technology works, how it can enable evidence-based decision-making, and how it can provide focused, highly localized, and often personalized stories based on the expanding wealth of data that is currently being made available online.

This talk will serve anyone who is concerned about evidence-based decision-making in government, public policy, education, health, and business. It will help anyone who is faced with the problem of communicating the insights contained in Big Data to the stakeholders who need them and provide a new framework for understanding how we can move beyond the world of transparency of data to the far more powerful world of transparency of insight.

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Kristian Hammond

Northwestern Computer Science

Kristian Hammond one of the founders and CTO of Narrative Science, a company focused on the automatic generation of stories and related content based upon data. On leave from the Department EECS at Northwestern University, he is a researcher in the areas of human-machine interaction, context-driven information systems and artificial intelligence. After completing his Ph.D. in computer science at Yale University in 1986, Dr. Hammond founded The University of Chicago’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. In 1998, Dr. Hammond moved to Northwestern University to form Northwestern’s Intelligent Information Laboratory (InfoLab) and began focusing on the generation of narratives based on search and data analytics. In 2010 he founded Narrative Science with Larry Birnbaum and Stuart Frankel and went on leave in 2011 to help guide the development of the technology into products that are transforming the way in which data is understood and content is generated.


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