Telling Great Stories with Data Online

Business & Industry, Visualization & Interface
Location: Bleinheim Room (Sponsored) Level: Intermediate

Interactive visualizations have become the new media for telling stories online. With myriad new programs for creating these visualizations, it has thankfully become common to see useful interactive data. Unfortunately, confusing visuals have also been proliferating. You should expect to leave this session confident in your ability to consistently create excellent interactive visuals.

1. Organization – It is all to easy to use charts and graphs that don’t make sense for your data. In this section, we will discuss the most effective chart types for certain data, and how to arrange them for greatest effect in interactive dashboards.

2. Interactivity – Interactivity can be the difference between a horribly confusing visualization and an all-star analysis. However, needless interactivity can take an all-star analysis and make it useless. This section will discuss applying useful and engaging interactivity to online visualizations.

3. Formatting – Colors, fonts and borders matter. This section will discuss bringing good design principles into every visualization to optimize beauty and analytical value.

Making amazing interactive content is a complex process, but by following the best practices outlined in this session you will be able to simplify the process and improve the quality of your visualizations.

Photo of Andy Cotgreave

Andy Cotgreave


Andy Cotgreave was a Tableau user for four years at the University of Oxford before joining Tableau as a Senior Product Consultant. At Oxford, Andy helped develop the university’s business intelligence program and revolutionized its reporting capabilities. He also blogged for UK consultancy, The Data Studio, posting tips and tricks for the benefit of all Tableau users. At Tableau Andy will continue spreading the good word about Tableau.


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