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I’ll explain a brief history of interface design and then talk about why designing with Big Data is different.

I’ll highlight key stages in the design process and give tangible examples of projects that have used new methods to achieve innovative outcomes.

I’ll be drawing methods from my company ‘Playbook’ – so there will be some brand new approaches revealed. Examples are ‘Sketching with Data’ approach as well as the ‘Making new Data’.

We will refer to projects for media companies such as UEFA, Nature and the BBC – and also internal analytics projects too – looking at internal user research and the ‘Data Archetypes’ amongst others.

Max Gadney

After The Flood

Max Gadney is Founder and Design Director at After the Flood, who specialize in data experience design.

We help clients make better use of data in their companies as well as creating great data products around media, sports and finance.

Media clients include BBC, Channel 4, UEFA and Man City FC.

We also work on internal analytics and BI projects as well as product definition work for start-ups.

Max was previously Head of Design at BBC News and a digital commissioning editor at BBC TV.


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