Big Data for the TV Industry: Tune into the Backchannel

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Twitter is the media of choice for commenting TV Shows and monitoring this activity has become critical for the TV industry. Establishing real figures and metrics that are relevant is nothing but an easy job due to the very nature of Twitter: real-time creativity in a constrained format. This talk lays out the challenges of understanding human prose: from normalization of concepts to disambiguation of words, from semantic reasoning to real-time fact learning, and will examine what value can be derived once we understand what people say: from simple measures to complex characterization of the audience. Finally, an overview of lessons learned that can be applied to other industries will be given.

Sébastien Lefebvre


Sébastien Lefebvre founded Mesagraph in 2010. As CEO, he leads the company to deliver products and services that harness the power of social media to help organizations and individuals make faster, better decisions.

Prior to founding Mesagraph, Lefebvre held executive positions with innovative companies, including Mandriva, Linbox and Videotron. He was awarded a Masters of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Nancy.

Guy Hugot-Derville


Guy Hugot-Derville is the Chief Scientist and Co-Founder at Mesagraph. He shapes and directs Mesagraph technology strategy and leads the company’s research into new products and technologies with partners like Orange Telecom. As the first to deliver a topical graph engine, Guy is on the forefront of semantic search and discovery engines, popularly known as next-generation “pull” capabilities.

Prior to Mesagraph, he was a software engineer at Port25 Solutions, Inc. He was awarded a Bachelors of Science in Engineering at Polytechnical University in Paris and a Masters of Computer Science at Cornell University.


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