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International policy has failed to create systemic change. Governments are struggling to get climate and environmental policy to work. While some businesses have engaged in trying to solve the problem, we are still lacking meaningful engagement at scale. Our collective conficence in politics, cleantech and companies to make the difference has taken a thrashing.

Having worked at the “coal-face” of environmental sustainabilty, AMEE is taking a radically different approach to making data available, and useful to companies, governments, and citizens. Rather than wait, AMEE is creating carbon footprint for every company on Earth – by the time we present at Strata, we will have created a footprint for every company in Britain, and will share our findings, learnings, failings, and tips on how data-at-scale can help create relevance, and drive change to a low-carbon economy.

AMEE combines financial and environmental data into a simple-to-use webservice. Our team of Data Scientists, Coders, Economists, and Policy experts work to pool the best data and tools available, to create new and unique insight to improve our world.

Photo of Gavin Starks

Gavin Starks

Open Data Institute

Gavin is the founder and CEO of AMEE, which provides trusted, comprehensive and timely answers to millions of environmental questions.

Gavin is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in building data businesses, 20 years in internet and software development, and a background in astrophysics.

His experience spans business, technology, science and media. Leading projects with organisations as diverse as the UK Government, SAS, Google, BBC, Rolls Royce, LogicaCMG, Shell and Christian Aid, he has broad and deep knowledge of how data can change the world.

AMEE aggregates and automates access to the world’s environmental and energy information. Its unique partnerships with world-leading standards providers including the WRI, DECC and CDP, make AMEE the most comprehensive and advanced web-based solution for greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, and other environmental data.



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