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Kai Trepte

Kai Trepte
Lead Enginees, Harvard Clean Energy Project

Website | @treptekai

Kai Trepte is the lead software engineer for the Harvard Clean Energy Project. Kai was instrumental in translating the raw data, over 400TB of data on 2.3 million compounds, into an online data-store open to the world. Kai obtained a Masters in Logistics from MIT and was co-founder of John Galt Solutions, Inc., a supply chain management software provider with over 5,000 customers throughout the world. As the lead engineer on the Clean Energy Project Kai is applying his data warehousing and analytic skills to big-data in science. Kai will outline best practices and lessons learned from this big data project that will benefit mankind aiding the quest for clean energy solutions, bringing electricity to billions around the world, and improving their quality of life.


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Kai Trepte (Harvard Clean Energy Project)
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The present fossil fuel based economy must give way to a renewable energy based future. The Harvard Clean Energy Project set out to discover new molecular materials for the next generation of organic solar cells. In studying 2.3 million (m) compounds with 24m conformers in 150m density functional theory calculations, this Big Data project will benefit mankind aiding the quest for clean energy. Read more.