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Bryan Hurd

Bryan Hurd
Director of Advanced Analytics, Microsoft Cybercrime Center

Bryan Hurd is the Director of Advanced Analytics for the Microsoft Cybercrime Center in Redmond, Washington. He heads a team of the world’s leading experts in Cyber Forensics, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Online Piracy and other efforts to fight global scale cybercrime. Working with Microsoft partners in public sector and private industry, the team uses massive data and advanced technologies to focus investigations and operations around the world.
Bryan Hurd has been building and leading teams in both the public and private sectors, focused on large data problems related to counter-terrorism and cybercrime. He is considered a national thought leader in advanced analytics and innovation in data visualization. He has supported countless local, national and international computer crime investigations and has led cybercrime teams, digital forensics teams and innovative programs using cutting edge analysis for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, National Counterterrorism Center, US European Command, and many other government and law enforcement agencies. Mr. Hurd was also the Global Program Director for Electronic Data System (EDS – Now HP) working with companies and partners around the globe on computer intrusions and attacks. Throughout his career, Mr. Hurd has been on the cutting edge of developing innovative solutions and designing entire centers that move mountains of data to solve some of the nation’s most complex problems.


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Bryan Hurd (Microsoft Cybercrime Center), Herain Oberoi (Microsoft)
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BotNets and cybercrime are by their very nature Big Data problems. The Microsoft Cybercrime Center is working in conjunction with law enforcement, public sector, commercial and academic partners to investigate, disable and prosecute cyber criminals... Read more.