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Albert Strasheim

Albert Strasheim
Systems Gopher at Large, CloudFlare

Website | @fullung

Albert Strasheim is a Systems Engineer at CloudFlare. His passion is big data processing and he’s excited to be working on log processing and analytics at CloudFlare. He has been using Go since its initial public release, but has also done a lot of work with Java, Python and C++. As a new resident of San Francisco, he’s looking forward to surfing up and down the California coast, which is really the reason he came to San Francisco in the first place.

Prior to CloudFlare, Albert studied at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, where he focused on Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. He did post-graduate research on speaker recognition systems and worked on them for Agnitio in Madrid, Spain. In South Africa, Albert worked at a variety of companies, including image processing, storage systems, databases and telecommunications.


Hadoop and Beyond
GA Ballroom J
Matvey Arye (Princeton University/Cloudflare), Albert Strasheim (CloudFlare)
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Big-data is evolving. The state of the art has gone from running large batch queries over static data sets updated rarely to handling high-velocity data with low processing latency. In this session we present a new data framework that is geared at processing data with a very high update frequency. The framework utilizes the Go language's advanced concurrency primitives and extensibility. Read more.