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Shannon Spanhake

Shannon Spanhake
Deputy Innovation Office , City & County of San Francisco

Shannon Spanhake is the Deputy Innovation Officer for the City & County of San Francisco in the Office of Mayor Edwin M. Lee. She aims to drive economic development with innovation, achieve diversity and inclusion in tech and make government more responsive and efficient. Prior to this role, she was at a startup founded with her patented civic technology, which she was recognized in “100 Women Innovating Science and Technology” by the Grace Hopper Foundation and was a semifinalist in the Buckminster Fuller Inventor competition. Additionally, she has worked in India, Peru, Mexico and other emerging economies to unleash the transformative power of innovation to solve complex problems.


Moderated by:
Jesse Robbins (Orion Labs)
Shannon Spanhake (City & County of San Francisco), Eddie Tejeda (Civic Insight / OpenOakland / Public Ethics Commission)
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