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Sanjay Goil

Sanjay Goil
Product Strategy & Marketing, Autonomy IDOL


Sanjay Goil heads product management for the HAVEn big data platform at HP. He also manages product strategy for the big data IDOL platform for text and rich media search-based analysis. Prior to HP Sanjay has built products in big data and high performance computing at Intel, Sun, and Bell Labs. Sanjay has an MBA from Berkeley and a PhD from Northwestern.


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Sanjay Goil (Autonomy IDOL)
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Forget the 140 characters, Twitter is Big Data. Every day sees around 100TBs of data ingested and tens of thousands of Hadoop jobs. Join us to hear how Twitter is using HP’s HAVEn platform to run their Big Data analytics. Learn why they’ve integrated HP Vertica with their Hadoop infrastructure to deliver the scale and speed needed for their analytics. Read more.