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Tim Tully

Tim Tully
Distinguished Architect, Yahoo!

Tim Tully is Distinguished Architect at Yahoo! and is an experienced big data expert. At Yahoo!, he has designed the Yahoo! Data technology platform, including data warehousing, aggregation, visualization, instrumentation, ETL and anything else involving analytics. Currently, he leads the architecture of multi-petabyte solutions at Yahoo on Hadoop and other big data ecosystems, and is responsible for bringing Spark and Shark to Yahoo. He is also a Winner of prestigious Yahoo! Individual Superstar award for 2011.


Data in Action
Ballroom CD
Nandu Jayakumar (Oracle), Tim Tully (Yahoo!)
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Yahoo! ingests hundreds of TB of advertising data into Hadoop each day. This talk describes how we are building our next-generation data architecture on top of Shark and Spark that is orders of magnitude faster than the previous. We will focus on the advanced streaming algorithms implemented in this new architecture, and how the new architecture have enabled deeper insights to our data scientists. Read more.