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Charles Wimmer
Head of Operations, Altiscale

Website | @cwimmer

Prior to joining Altiscale, Charles was Site Reliability Engineer at LinkedIn in their web operations team, managing their Apache Traffic Server and HAProxy. Prior to LinkedIn, he was a Principal Service Engineer at Yahoo!, where he ran tens of thousands of nodes in some of the world’s largest Hadoop clusters. He has experience in all aspects of large-scale technical operations—from network to storage to distributed systems. Charles has spoken at Hadoop Summits and Big Data Camps on the subject of Hadoop operations.


Hadoop and Beyond
GA Ballroom J
Soam Acharya (Altiscale), Charles Wimmer (Altiscale), David Chaiken (Altiscale)
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The growing popularity of Hadoop has led to an increasing number of clusters worldwide. Priming these clusters with data from existing client repositories is difficult due to a number of issues including data size, network constraints, security & lack of domain knowledge. In this talk, we present a number of techniques & best practices for uploading large amounts of data to remote Hadoop clusters. Read more.
Office Hour
Table C
Soam Acharya (Altiscale), Charles Wimmer (Altiscale)
Soam’s talk on “Making Big Data Portable” will get you thinking about the potential pitfalls of moving large quantities of data between Hadoop clusters. Meet with Soam to explore the limitations of using Hadoop’s DistCp to copy data from one cluster to another. And learn how to secure in-transit data, including when to transfer data over networks and when to use disks. Read more.