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Bob Filbin

Bob Filbin
Chief Data Scientist, Crisis Text Line

Website | @bobfilbin

Bob Filbin is Chief Data Scientist at Crisis Text Line, the first large-scale 24/7 national crisis line for teens on the medium they use and trust most: texting. Bob specializes in the application of behavioral psychology to questions of data collection, analysis, and reporting, to make sure data leads to good behavioral change. Bob has given lectures on using data to drive behavioral change at places including MIT, the University of Pennsylvania and the North American International Auto Show, and has authored several articles in the Harvard Business Review on data. He runs in Prospect Park.


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Bob Filbin (Crisis Text Line)
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The measure of success for a data scientist is not number of insights, but impact on co-workers' behavior. Moving from insight to action requires an art underutilized by the data science community: storytelling. I will cover techniques including the Fogg model, loss aversion, and minimum viable stories, using examples of my failures and successes in driving behavioral change with data. Read more.