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Chris Harland

Chris Harland
Director of Data Engineering, Textio

Website | @cdubhland

Chris Harland is a Data Scientist at Microsoft working on problems in Bing search, Windows, and MSN. He holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Oregon and has worked in a wide variety of fields spanning elementary science education, cutting edge biophysical research, and recommendation/personalization engines.

Chris came to Microsoft and data science by way of the University of Chicago where, after completing a post-doc, he founded a data science consulting start-up where he gained a large array of data science skills. Chris enjoys all things data science from blogging and tutorials to operational models that impact product users every day.


Data Science
Ballroom AB
Chris Harland (Textio)
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Predictive models are popular for their ability to grapple with massive data and bring to light features which are non-obvious to even the best domain experts. Solving practical problems with real world data involves creating models that balance predictive accuracy with practical significance. This talk provides examples of this balance in optimizing Chicago area bars and extends to Bing search. Read more.
Office Hour
Table B
Chris Harland (Textio)
Wherever you sit in the data pipeline, if you want to create an effective data workflow from source to insight delivery, talk to Chris. He’ll give you the low-down on machine-learning tools, implementations, and use cases. You’ll learn about fundamental problems in user behavior and measurement, and predictive modeling for user retention and feature improvement. Read more.