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Gus Hunt

Gus Hunt

Mr. Hunt currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer for the Chief Information Officer in CIA. In this capacity he is responsible for setting the strategic technology direction to enable CIA’s missions, actively engage across the IC to share and communicate IT solutions, and drive solutions for the rapid insertion and adoption of new capabilities to keep pace with technology change in the commercial sector

Previously, Mr. Hunt served as the Director of Applications Services for CIA. In this role, he was responsible for building IT systems to support and enable CIA’s mission to effectively conduct their business and to set the vision and direction for applications development in CIA. He drove the investment and development process to build core and common services, build the enterprise data layer, brought in training and coaching to drive that rapid adoption and effective use of Agile Development within Applications Services, and implemented earned-value-management and total-cost-of-ownership business processes to dramatically improve management decision effectiveness.

Prior to that, Mr. Hunt served as Director of Architecture and Systems Engineering (ASE). In this capacity he was responsible for establishing the Agency’s Information Services (IS) strategic direction. This includes, developing and implementing the Information Services Enterprise Architecture, building the integrated CIA Information Services strategic investments portfolio, and establishing the CIA-wide Information Services strategic plan. He also chaired the CIA Architecture Review Board and the Architecture and Systems Engineers Occupational Panel. He came from the DI as the Chief of the CIO’s Advanced Technology Group and served as Chief Technology Officer for the Office of Support Services.

In addition to his roles in Information Services, Mr. Hunt also served as Chief of Research and Development for the DCI’s Crime and Narcotics Center and Deputy Chief of the Operations Support Group in the DCI’s Non-Proliferation Center. He began his career in 1985, as a DI analyst in the Technology Transfer Assessment Center and was a branch chief in Space Systems Division in the DI.

Before coming to the Agency, Mr. Hunt spent 7 years in the private sector as an Aerospace Engineer designing advanced manned space flight systems and satellite orbital transfer vehicles. He holds a ME in Civil/Structural Engineering from Vanderbilt University and is married with 2 grown children.


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