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Fernando Perez

Fernando Perez
Associate Researcher, UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Website | @fperez_org

Fernando Pérez is a research scientist at UC Berkeley, working at the
intersection of brain imaging and open tools for scientific computing. He
created IPython while a PhD student in Physics at the University of Colorado in
Boulder. Today, with all the hard work done by a talented team, he continues
to lead IPython’s development as the interface between the humans at the
keyboard and the bits in the machine.

He is a founding member of NumFOCUS, a PSF member, and received the 2012 Award for the Advancement of Free Software for IPython and contributions to
scientific Python.


Data Science
Ballroom E
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials on Tuesday.
Brian Granger (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo), Fernando Perez (UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
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3-Hours: IPython is an open source project that provides tools for interactive and parallel computing in Python. This includes the IPython Notebook, a web-based interactive computing environment that enables users to author documents that combine code, text, equations, figures and videos. This tutorial will provide a hands-on tour of the IPython Shell, Notebook and parallel computing architecture Read more.