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Abe Gong

Abe Gong
Founder and CEO, Superconductive Health


Abe Gong is a data scientist at Jawbone, where he builds data products to support the UP fitness tracker.


Data Science
Ballroom AB
Abe Gong (Superconductive Health)
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Creating value from big, messy data sets can be a daunting task. The session introduces the Sidekick Pattern: using small, curated data to increase the value of Big Data. Drawing on lessons from data science for Jawbone’s UP fitness tracker, we will see how smart selection of data sidekicks can accelerate analysis, solve cold start problems, and simplify complicated data pipelines. Read more.
Office Hour
Table B
Abe Gong (Superconductive Health)
Interested in using small data to increase the value of big data? Meet with Abe for a freewheeling conversation on patterns and anti-patterns for data science (including the Sidekick Pattern), and learn how data structures interact with the process of analysis. Read more.