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André Karpištšenko

André Karpištšenko
Advanced Products and Technologies Lead, Proekspert


Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Marinexplore leading engineering and research efforts to create the ocean’s big data platform.

Previously founded the Data Research Team of Skype, applying data analytics, predictive methods and system optimizations to improve the products. At Skype, he built 3 teams, one of which was responsible for initiating and delivering a number of engineering toolset improvements spanning the entire organization.

Prior to Skype, he founded & built up a Quality Assurance consultancy and developed Electronic Ticketing Services of Tallinn. He was also involved in developing the early versions of Eionet systems for European Environmental Agency.


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André Karpištšenko (Proekspert)
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Millions of sensors measure oceans and atmosphere to guide decisions made in offshore, renewables, maritime and other industries. Fast and responsive big data solution created by Marinexplore allows many organizations to plan their ocean activities next to others for the first time. New resulting workflows reduce financial, safety and environmental risks through improved decision making. Read more.