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Rachel Haines

Rachel Haines
Data Governance Practice Lead, EMC

Rachel Haines is the Data Governance Practice Lead at EMC Corporation. Her recent efforts have focused on the creation of EMC’s propriety Data Governance delivery models and methodologies for the mentoring of clients in the design and implementation of enterprise-wide Data Governance Programs across various industries. Ms. Haines has more than 28 years of experience in end-to-end software development lifecycle and systems design and implementation in roles ranging from project manager and business analyst to software engineer.


Scott Lee (Knowledgent), Rachel Haines (EMC)
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Earlier Data Governance generations (that support BI-DW or MDM) succeeded by aligning stakeholders and improving data interoperability. But in the world of Big Data, interoperability is table-stakes, and next-gen Data Governance must provide contextual intelligence sufficient to reason out complex inquiries across diverse data. How? Would you believe a mash-up of building codes and game theory? Read more.