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Ian Huston

Ian Huston
Data Scientist, Pivotal

Website | @ianhuston

Ian is a data scientist for Pivotal and works on a wide range of customer projects from fraud detection to transport and logistics.

Ian has a background in numerical analysis and simulation and his expertise includes high performance computing for scientific applications, perturbative analysis of large systems of differential equations and the differential geometry underlying relativistic physics.

He completed a PhD in theoretical cosmology at Queen Mary, University of London and received a MSc from Imperial College London in theoretical physics. Ian’s work has been published in leading international physics journals and he has released the Python numerical package used in his research to the community.


Machine Data
Mission City M
Ian Huston (Pivotal), Alexander Kagoshima (Pivotal), Noelle Saldana (Heroku)
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With increased road congestion around the globe and growing amounts of car data we need more intelligent analytical methods to beat the traffic. This talk presents our work on traffic velocity and travel disruption analytics. We describe our approach in detail, how we went from idea to implemented algorithm and how our methods can be applied to gain deep insight into influential factors. Read more.