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Kimberly Stedman

Kimberly Stedman
Analytics Manager / Analyst / Writer, Freelance

Website | @KimSted

I do big data, social systems, and gameplay. I like wicked problems. Everything’s people with me: cognition, culture, and the intelligence processes of the global brain.

I used to be a field anthropologist. I’ve lived in five developing countries. Lately I’ve been working in game analytics.

Right now, I’m thinking a lot about the adoption of big data, and how to make that process effective.


Cameran Hetrick (VMware), Kimberly Stedman (Freelance)
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Combine your best algorithms and smartest data architecture, and what do you get? Without humans, you have an expensive, high tech brick. Humans generate data, which is used by and for humans to achieve human goals. If you want your data department to earn its keep by showing real value, you must build your social systems as meticulously as you build your pipeline. Read more.
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Jim Stogdill (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
Brian Behlendorf (The Hyperledger Project at the Linux Foundation), Adrian Cockcroft (Amazon Web Services), Ari Gesher (Kairos Aerospace), Kimberly Stedman (Freelance)
The always-popular Great Debate series returns to Strata. In this Oxford-style debate, two opposing teams take opposing positions. We poll the audience, and the teams try to sway opinions. It’ll be a fast-paced, sometimes irreverent look at some of the core challenges of putting data to work. Read more.