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Sriram Sankar
Principal Staff Engineer, LinkedIn

Website | @sankarsearch

Sriram Sankar is a Principal Staff Engineer at LinkedIn, where he is leading the development of our next-generation search infrastructure. Before that, he led Facebook’s search quality and ranking efforts for Graph Search. He previously worked at Google on search quality and ads infrastructure and held senior technical roles at VMware, WebGain, and Sun. He was a key contributor to Unicorn, the index powering Facebook’s Graph Search, and developed JavaCC, the leading parser generator for Java. He is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur.


Data in Action
Ballroom CD
Sriram Sankar (LinkedIn), Daniel Tunkelang (Various)
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Social networks bring a new dimension to search. Instead of looking for web pages, users search a world of entities connected by a rich graph of relationships. Serving billions of deeply personalized searches creates unique infrastructure and relevance challenges for LinkedIn. We'll describe how we've addressed those challenges and discuss implications of social networks for the future of search. Read more.