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Max Gasner

Max Gasner
SMTS, Predictive Intelligence,


Co-founder of Prior Knowledge, now working on predictive analytics at Salesforce.


Hardcore Data Science
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Machine learning is still mired in a dark age of one-off solutions and costly expertise. What will it take to build a true predictive platform that is as easy to use -- and, ultimately, as ubiquitous -- as a relational database? We'll touch on the basic design criteria for any candidate predictive platform, the challenges posed by real data, interface and user issues, and promising methods. Read more.
Office Hour
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Max Gasner (
Want to build a predictive platform that’s as easy to use as a relational database? Meet Max to discuss API design for general-purpose predictive platforms and services, and UX for configuring predictive systems and validating predictive performance. He’ll also explore information design for communicating interpretable model structure, structural uncertainty, and uncertain predicted values. Read more.